Brain and Heart Health

Preventing Heart & Brain Disease: The Role Dentistry Plays

The mouth and nose are the gateways to overall health from the food we eat to the air we breathe. That’s why dentists are in a unique position to help prevent heart and brain disease. Dr. Miller and Dr. Gross are dedicated to helping their patients prevent heart and brain disease by advocating the Bale Doneen Method®️ and RECODE™️ protocols while collaborating with doctors who specialize in these methods.

A Comprehensive Approach to
Cardiovascular Health

The Bale Doneen Method®️ is widely recognized as the leading protocol for preventing CVD and stroke, with a comprehensive approach backed by extensive research and clinical experience. It focuses on identifying and treating hidden risk factors, including those related to oral health, inflammatory markers, genetics, and lifestyle. The method guarantees that a patient will not suffer a heart attack or stroke under their care.

The oral-systemic connection: how gum disease contributes to heart disease

There are many root causes of inflammation that lead to heart attack and stroke with gum disease being one of the first culprits to start a cascade of events. Dangerous oral bacteria, such as those found in gum disease, tooth decay, and infections, can enter the bloodstream and trigger inflammation in the arteries, leading to the formation of plaques and increasing the risk of blood clots. Studies have shown that people with periodontal disease have higher levels of inflammatory markers in their blood and oral pathogens trigger heart attack and strokes 50% of the time.
The Root Cause team partakes in the method by having a comprehensive approach that recognizes signs of oral disease that may contribute to CVD and stroke risk, perform salivary testing to determine if the oral pathogens are contributing cardiovascular inflammation and treat periodontal disease to reduce their patients’ risk. By recognizing and addressing the connection between oral health and cardiovascular disease, patients can take a proactive approach to their health and reduce their risk of systemic inflammation that is the primary cause of so many chronic health conditions today.

Plaque in mouth = Plaque in arteries and brain

It is hard to separate heart health from brain health, as many of the root causes are the same for both, and both stem from inflammation. The same bacteria that cause gum disease and cardiovascular disease, have been found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s Disease.
This can happen in two ways:


The brain is magnificently designed to protect it from outside threats. However, when threats are continuous and chronic, the burden is too much, this is when cognitive decline begins. There are 36 known contributing causes of cognitive decline thus far, and at Root Cause, we can help by reducing a couple of those burdens: oral and nasal pathogens, mercury toxins, and identifying sleep disordered breathing. These 3 are big players in the cognitive decline. So remember, plaque in the mouth, plaque in the arteries, plaque in the brain… all parts of the body are connected!