Orthodontics is focused on straightening teeth and aligning the bite using braces or aligners. Orthotropics®, on the other hand, is focused on the development of the face and jaw, as well as correcting oral posture and breathing. Orthotropics® aims to guide the growth of the jaws, encouraging them to develop to their full potential, resulting in a more harmonious facial appearance, better breathing, and improved overall health.


Dr. Maria’s experience with her nephew’s orthodontic problems and her son’s health problems led her on a mission to find answers and a better way to treat kids. It started with frustration with the traditional orthodontic approach of using braces which was not working to stop her nephew’s teeth from relapsing into a crossbite. At about the same time, Dr. Maria’s two sons were experiencing different health issues. Her 7-year-old was struggling with anxiety, depression, and poor sleep, and she had no idea why. Meanwhile, her 5-year-old was suffering from constant stomach pains and poor sleep as well.
As she was looking for answers to her nephew’s problems, Dr. Maria discovered the impact of cranio-fascial development, mouth breathing and tongue ties on children’s overall health and well-being. Then, she learned about Orthotropics® from Dr. Ben Pospisil and trained under Dr. Karen O’Rourke to learn the technique.
After stage 1 expansion phase, Dr. Miller proceeded to a stage 4 to treat her son. Within a short period, she witnessed a remarkable transformation in his personality and he started sleeping better than ever before. This experience convinced her of the crucial role that proper breathing, sleeping, and functioning play in overall health.
Today, Dr. Maria is passionate about helping other parents who are struggling to find answers for their children’s oral health and well-being. Her personal experience with Orthotropics® has put her on a mission to spread awareness and provide better treatment options for those in need. She is committed to using her expertise to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Spotting Red Flags: Identifying Symptoms of Poor Growth and Development


Orthotropics® is a holistic treatment that focuses on correcting the oral posture to encourage proper facial growth and development. The technique was developed by Dr. John Mew in the 1960s, and has gained popularity in recent years due to its non-invasive approach to correcting facial structure.



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Poor Health Habits

As a result, many children and adults have improper facial growth, which can lead to chronic health problems. Habitual mouth breathing can cause adverse developmental changes, such as crooked teeth, elongated faces, sunken cheekbones, and narrow jaws. It can also lead to poor sleep, snoring & sleep apnea. These sleep related breathing disorders can sometimes cause chronic fatigue, behavioral issues, developmental problems and other chronic health conditions.


Orthotropics® takes advantage of the natural growth of the face, so the earlier treatment starts, the better. In fact, treatment can begin as early as age three. The treatment requires the child to cooperate with the doctor and do their part in the treatment.
The goal of Orthotropics® is to help the child achieve proper oral posture and habitual nasal breathing. In most cases, when oral posture is corrected, nasal breathing becomes easier and more efficient. Nasal breathing is crucial for the proper filtration, humidification, and warming of the air that enters the body. Furthermore, it allows nitric oxide to be released into circulation, bringing oxygen to every cell in the body. This makes nasal breathing even more important for overall health and wellbeing.
When the treatment is effective, it encourages optimal growth and development of the face by widening the upper and lower jaws and posturing them forward in the face. Proper facial development tends to lead to healthier jaws, larger airways, and better-developed faces.
Another benefit of Orthotropics® is that it can improve the overall aesthetics of the face. By correcting the oral posture, the face is encouraged to grow forward, resulting in a more prominent chin and cheekbones. This can lead to a more attractive and symmetrical facial appearance.
Orthotropics® can also improve the alignment of the teeth and the overall facial structure. By correcting the oral posture, the tongue is positioned at the roof of the mouth, which allows for proper tooth alignment and arch formation. This can prevent the need for invasive orthodontic treatment, such as braces or retainers, down the road.


Myofunctional therapy can help support a successful Orthotropics® outcome by addressing functional issues like tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, and incorrect swallowing patterns. It can also help strengthen the tongue and facial muscles, leading to better facial development and proper oral posture.
While Orthotropics® may be sufficient treatment to correct oral resting posture for some individuals, most will require additional postural training to achieve the same outcome. This largely depends on whether a child’s muscle tone is high or low when the treatment begins and where it progresses during the course of treatment.