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Learn about the special relationships we build with our patients and their families

The experiences we have had at Root Cause have been some of the most thorough and thoughtful medical appointments my family has ever encountered. Dr. Miller puts her patient’s overall health and emotional well-being first. I have two special needs children, and the entire staff always shows them kindness, respect, and patience. My kids enjoy their appointments, as do we. Personally, Dr. Miller was able to find the source of some severe pain I was having when several other doctors could not. She was then able to fix it which has changed the quality of my life. I’m so grateful to her and will trust her with all of our dental needs moving forward. 

-Ali Mattila

Root Cause came at the glowing recommendation from a friend.  What I didn’t know at the time, was how impactful and transformational it would be.  Everyone there is kind, compassionate, and truly cares.  From the moment I called to schedule, Rollie exuded warmth and understanding.  She listened and assured me.  During the first visit, I met with Dr. Miller-Rinaldi. She walked me through the philosophy and process. It was illuminating.  She spent well over an hour with me, ensuring that I understood and that she was hearing what was most concerning to me.  She helped me learn about and understand how oral health is connected to how we breath, sleep, gut functioning, the heart, and overall physical and emotional wellness.   Have you ever been met with kindness and compassion instead of shame and blame for where you are starting in a process with your dentist? Root Cause did just that!  Dr. Miller-Rinaldi massaged my jaw and temples during my initial cleaning (again providing attention and compassion for me and the process).  Ruthie and Kari are consummate professionals.  Ruthie for her quiet presence, attention to detail, technical and technological skill.  Kari for her humor, knowledge, and skill.  Even Dr. Gross popped in to introduce her and say hello!  I have wondered many times what might be different now if I had known about them 10 or 20 years ago.  Regardless, they are part of my oral and overall wellness now and I am grateful! 


I have been a patient at Root Cause Dental for 25 years. I have consistently received first rate dental care from every team member working in this practice. I have also gotten great education about dental care and come to deeply appreciate how my mouth serves as an early indicator of many aspects of my health.
That education has leveled up in a major way in the past couple of years. Drs. Miller-Rinaldi and Gross have integrated more aspects of wellness and developed partnerships with care providers from other disciplines into their care. The combined expertise of these multi-disciplined practitioners are helping me improve my personal health.
It’s my desire to remain well, able to pursue interests, maintain strong relationships and thrive long into my twilight. This dental practice is my best health supporter in achieving these desires.


I have been a patient of Dr. Gross since I was 9 years old. That’s 35 years! Even when I lived abroad I would make a point to come back to Minnesota, just for her care. There are many reasons I feel like Dr. Gross and her team are the best. I trust her completely with my health, wellness, and big decisions around dental care. She is highly technically skilled, and I appreciate her relationship with the university, continuing education and leadership. And she’s also very kind and calm. Her energy is gentle, and I always feel safe in her chair. Dentistry can be scary! Dr. Gross and her team are truly experts in the field, and create an environment of ease and safety.
Hygienist Kari Kuempel is extraordinarily thorough, attentive, informative, and kind. I get compliments on my smile all the time, and I literally say… “It’s thanks to my hygienist!” She always makes me feel comfortable, listened to, and has such a genuine huge heart.
Dr. Miller-Rinaldi is an extraordinary addition to the team at Root Cause. She goes above and beyond with service and care, including following up with emails, and checking in on me post-procedure via phone call. She makes it clear she is invested in my overall body health, not just my teeth. Dr. Miller-Rinaldi is efficient, brilliant, and highly skilled.
I would recommend Root Cause to anyone. The intention feels holistic. They educate patients on the root cause of dental problems, from sleep apnea, to cardiovascular abnormalities. Referrals for bloodwork, physical therapy, and sleep studies have brought my health to a new level of vibrancy. I am super thankful.


Competency, caring and cordiality are in the air and aura found at Root Cause. Through our family’s 25+ year relationship with the Root Cause dental office, they have consistently evinced these three traits and expertly treated us as whole people, pointing out options that improved our dental health and overall health. We have been impressed with Dr. Gross, Dr. Miller-Rinaldi, and the dental hygienists. We feel extremely well taken care of and lucky to have them in our lives.

-DeVries Smith Family

I want to personally thank the root cause dental staff for their professionalism, kindness, and attention to detail. Having been a fairly new patient to Root Cause and I truly do appreciate the amazing personal attention I have received from each and every employee of this marvelous dental practice. Dr. Miller-Rinaldi has been a true gem for me in this sea of dental work professionals. I have been receiving care from her for over 10 years. Dr Miller is passionate, enthusiastic, and focused on delivering a safe, and rewarding experience. She is an excellent dentist and truly has a commitment to excellence. Thanks for all of the smiles you’ve given me and so many others literally.

Your Biggest Fan,


I discovered Root Cause and Dr. Maria Miller-Rinaldi by chance. A friend was frustrated by the lack of answers she was getting from her dentist. She found Dr. Miller-Rinaldi who quickly identified and resolved the problem. I asked and got her contact information as I was looking for a holistic approach to my dental care, and that of my children. For decades, I thought my family and I were getting great dental care. During my first visit, her approach was clearly different. I have never felt more informed or proactively in charge of the health of my mouth. I was just doing the standard annual cleaning and maintenance. It didn’t feel like I could do more. My new patient analysis was comprehensive and informative. I learned things about my mouth I had never heard including how the health of your mouth connects to your overall health. I now have a dental care plan with goals. It’s not just Dr. Miller-Rinaldi, the hygienist, Kari Kuempel, is equally invested. I have never had such a thorough, detailed, and respectful dental cleaning EVER!! Since my visit, I switched my children over to Root Cause to make sure they get the same information so they can also proactively take care of the health of their teeth. We are also on a journey to look at breathing patterns and issue that could lead to the onset of sleep apnea. I hope you will give Root Cause a try. The team is talented, collaborative and they care deeply about each of their patients and making sure they are getting the best dental care. You won’t regret it and it may just change your life.

-Catherine C.

I would guess that many people in my age group (70) wish they had had a dental office like this in their earlier years; a dental office that sees the mouth/teeth/oral health as a part of a whole–YOU. Not simply a tooth with a cavity or an incorrect bite, but a WHOLISTIC APPROACH to oral health as a way to keep your entire body well! I have worked as a cancer RN for 38 years and when that wholistic shift came into my own practice in the early 80’s, it was tremendously beneficial for sick patients in that it addressed their entire bodies, not simply their illness. This dental office does that. And while I lament not knowing about it sooner, I know about it NOW and it has certainly enhanced my life. Rollie (manager), Kari (dental hygienist) and Ruthy (right hand woman) are a major part of that WHOLE they have created there. Thanks to all.


Being a retired dentist myself, veteran of 33 years of dental practice and also teaching dentistry at the University of Minnesota, I am in a very unique position to declare Dr. Susan Gross to be nothing short of being an absolutely wonderful Dentist- caring, compassionate, and on top of the latest and best in her field. I’m proud to say she is my Dentist!


Dr. Maria Miller-Rinaldi, at Root Cause Dental, is a wonderful dentist for my family and me. She is incredibly skilled and passionate about her profession. I heartily recommend her to anyone with dental needs.

-Mark VanOort

I have been Dr Gross’ patient for more than 10 years, and through these years she improved my oral health, first by focusing on the immediate problem areas and solving each one of them with excellent care, then preventing potential problems, and finally improving my personal oral health care routine to have a healthier life. Thank you Dr Gross for improving my quality of life! Your deep knowledge and experience combined with your great personality makes you shine, and I am very lucky to be your patient. Through these years, I also learned a lot from you and Kari, the best dental hygienist I have ever met, about oral hygiene, preventive dentistry, and how they all connect together when it comes to general health, and am still learning!