General Dentistry


At the heart of our practice, we are dentists who strive to help patients maintain healthy teeth for life. Our approach to general dentistry focuses on preventive care and restorative work to achieve a functional bite and aesthetic smile. While our goal is to avoid extractions whenever possible, in some instances, it may be necessary to remove a tooth if decay or poor structure is a health risk. We offer a range of services to help patients achieve optimal dental health, including:
  • Regular cleanings and checkups to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Extraction of severely damaged or decayed teeth to prevent further infection and protect adjacent teeth.
  • Bioclear composite fillings, which use a unique injection molding technique for seamless and long-lasting restorations.
  • Crowns and implant restorations to restore the function and appearance of damaged or decayed teeth.
  • Veneers to enhance the appearance of teeth by covering chips, stains, and other imperfections.
  • Removable prosthesis such as partials, dentures and implant supported prosthetics.

Smile Gallery

We believe in good, old-fashioned Midwestern values, like taking the time to get to know our patients and treating them like family. From routine cleanings to complex restorative procedures, we are committed to providing individualized, top-notch care to help you achieve a healthy, happy smile.