Investing Time in Your Oral Health: How Our Two-Part New Patient Process Sets Us Apart

Unlike typical dental appointments, your initial visit with us lasts two and a half hours. During your first appointment, Dr Miller or Dr. Gross will go in-depth with you about their practice philosophy, introduce what oral-systemic means to them, and listen to your concerns and goals as a new patient.

Then, we will conduct a gentle but thorough oral exam, take intra and extra-oral photos, collect data on the health of your teeth and gums, a salivary spit test, and look for oral and systemic disease risk factors. The exam will include an evaluation in each of the following areas:



oral & skin cancer screening

soft tissue

tongue mobility



muscles of the head & neck

Depending on the results of your exam, we may recommend additional testing, such as a CBCT or MRI scan, bloodwork, sleep screenings or a home sleep study.

Your second appointment is a one hour review of findings with your doctor. During that appointment they will present an in-depth look at you from all of the data they collected. You’ll leave with a comprehensive understanding of your oral health and a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve optimal dental health.

Why We Do It This Way

We see our commitment to thoroughness as a reflection of our dedication to our patients and their overall well-being. Numerous studies have shown the strong link between oral health and quality of life, and we are passionate about helping our patients achieve the best possible outcomes. In other words, we show we care by spending the time it takes to do the best job for our patients that we possibly can.